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Fees specified


Yearly costs (incl. VAT) for the host family in displayed in order of time

Point of time

Cost category



Before the intake conversation

Intake conversation*



After you choose an au pair

Au pair Mediation**
First Class au pair
Standard (pre-match)


IND procedure (TEV)***


Sending the au pair-host family contract to the Philippines****


Extensive Psychological assessment by psychologist *****


Swimming course*****


First aid course*****


Medical tests *****
of your choice:
General health test
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Other tests are possible

75 each


Promotion pre-match au pair to First Class au pair*****


Signing au pair-host family contract

Fees legalisation contract


Philippine embassy

Au pair received visa (and CFO certificate)

Flight ticket


Our travel agent

Au pair received visa (and CFO certificate)

Medical tests/Vaccinations
mandatory by Governments and/or Flight companies

Current fee

Test Center/hospital Philippines

Au pair received visa (and CFO certificate)

Au pair insurance of one year: Isis super world
or Isis standard world


Joho Insurances

Directly after arrival au pair in The Netherlands

Tuberculosis test

Free or current fee


Au pair has received the BSN number

Basic health Insurance

Current fee

Insurance company

Au pair has chosen a course/sport



Organization who provides the course

At the end of each month

Pocket money au pair


Au pair

* Once-only, unless your situation has changed drastically. Such at the discretion of AUPAIR4ALL
** 1690 for a First Class au pair and 1690 for a Standard au pair (pre-match)
*** AUPAIR4ALL will transfer this amount to the IND for the visa and residence permit procedure (TEV)
**** Only for candidates from the Philippines. AUPAIR4ALL will send the contract by courier to the candidate au pair in the Philippines
***** Not compulsory, only on your request. (AUPAIR4ALL advises to undertake the candidate of your choice to the psychological assessment)

Global costs per year: 10000 euro (incl. VAT)
U cannot declare the costs for an au pair to the Tax Authorities because an au pair is not professional child care.

Mediation fee

The mediation fee for a First Class au pair is once-only 1690 euro. For a Standard au pair 1690 euro once-only. Cost of the (once-only) intake is 149 euro. To promote a Standard au pair to a First Class au pair costs 300 euro.

The costs for candidate matching, conducting the IND procedure, fulfilling the IND duties of care, information and administration, booking the airline ticket, arranging the au pair insurance, administration costs, contract writing, other documents, au pair Webinar and guidance in the Philippines, au pair and client guidance in The Netherlands, mediation, additional au pair training in the Netherlands and our 24/7 reachability have all been included in the mediation costs. The standard mediation costs apply even when the client makes use of only part of the offered service.

Costs are charged in 3 parts, namely:
* 149 euro before the intake conversation
* the mediation fee/IND procedure costs, after you choose an au pair
* the other costs are dependent of the timeline of the procedure

We spend a part of our profits to allow children in the Philippines to have education, Christmas project (foods and presents) and we support people who lost everything after (nature) disasters.

First Class au pair:

€1690 (2 months warranty)


Only in case of the following events:

A. the au pair leaves the client/host family without the written permission of AUPAIR4ALL, and the departure cannot be blamed on the client/host family, this being at the discretion of AUPAIR4ALL. The client/host family and the au pair have a duty to prevent problems and/or solve them, and AUPAIR4ALL is to be directly informed (within 24 hours) of any problems;

B. there is no match between the client/host family and the au pair, and the lack of a match cannot be blamed on the client/host family, this being at the discretion of AUPAIR4ALL. The client/host family and the au pair have a duty to prevent problems and/or solve them, and AUPAIR4ALL is to be directly informed (within 24 hours) of any problems. The notice period for the au pair as well as for the client/host family is at least 1 month (30 days). The client/host family has the obligation to inform AUPAIR4ALL in written form, within the warranty period, about the termination of the cooperation with the au pair;

The warranty is valid 2 months (60 days), starting at the date of the au pair’s arrival at the client. When the client wants to terminate the cooperation with the au pair, the client have the obligation to inform AUPAIR4ALL in written form, within 2 months (60 days), starting at the date of the au pair’s arrival at the client.

If event A or B takes place within the warranty period and cannot be blamed on the original client/host family (this being at the discretion of AUPAIR4ALL), AUPAIR4ALL will arrange a new au pair without charging mediation costs. All other costs, such as IND fees, the airline ticket, insurance, au pair course costs, and so on, are to be paid by the original client. AUPAIR4ALL reserves the right to reassign an au pair to another client. Costs are not reimbursed to the original client/host family; neither by the new client, nor by the au pair, nor by AUPAIR4ALL. AUPAIR4ALL does not reimburse costs incurred by the original client/host family. AUPAIR4ALL is not liable for any compensation/refunds of incurred costs, including mediation fees, IND fees, au pair insurance, health coverage, etc., and/or any loss of income suffered by the original client. The right of free mediation expires 1 month (30 days) after the au pair’s departure from the client/host family.

What do you pay the au pair?

In The Netherlands you will pay a First Class AUPAIR4ALL and a Standard AUPAIR4ALL 340 euro allowance per month.
Many families give their au pair, a public transport season ticket or a discount pass to travel. Usually they also receive a sim card for having good contact with the host family.

Other costs

The host family pays the (return) flight ticket of the au pair. The price of the ticket varies throughout the year between the 600 - and 1400 euro.
Au pair insurance (including luggage, repatriation and Third Party insurance) is also paid by the host family and costs: Isis super World: 560, or Isis Standard World: 460 euro for one year.
A Basis health insurrance is arranged by the host family. Via you can receive compensation.

You pay AUPAIR4ALL the IND procedure costs 380,-

You wil pay 27.50 euro to the Philippine embassy for the legalisation of the au pair-host family contract.

AUPAIR4ALL will send the au pair-host family contract to the au pair candidate in the Philippines per courier. These cost are 125,-

After you have chosen one of our candidates, we can ask her, on your request, to undergo one or more medicals. Pregnancy test 75 euro, Tuberculosis test 75 euro, Hepatitis A 75 euro, Hepatitis B 75 euro, HIV 150 euro. For other tests we will make a price calculation for you.

It is also possible that the chosen candidate will do an extensive psychological assessment by our own psychologist, for only 350 euro. Testing areas: Mental and Emotional Stability, Learning Adaptation, Drive and Interest, Communication Skills. AUPAIR4ALL is advising the psychological assessment for all candidates.

We can also ask the chosen candidate to do Swimming lessons (300,-) and a First aid course (300,-).

You have also to pay for the (language) course/sport of the au pair with a maximum of 350 euro yearly.

Referral program

When you introduce a new family, who conclude a mediation contract with us, you receive a discount of 150 euros on your next mediation fee invoice, when you decide to let us mediate your new au pair.

This benefit can increase rapidly to a serious discount on your mediation fee!

All rates include VAT and are subject to change.